Snowy Owl Adventures

March 13, 2018

3/11/18 New Hampshire Beach 



    I went down to the coast a couple of times looking for the Snowy Owls. I would wonder around wind blown beaches. Looking in the sand dunes. I would stop and ask people if they had seen one or knew where one was. I would go home and watch social media to see if any had been spotted. Then studied the pictures to see if I knew the locations.

     I knew the Snowy Owls would be leaving soon but I never had the time to go. So I decided late Friday night that I was just going to go and nothing was going to stop me. I wasn't as prepared as I should have been. Luckily, I have a messy car and most of my stuff was in it. I got lost a few times and I wasn't as early as I had planned.

    I finally got to Plum Island and went to the spot by the Coast Guard Building. No Luck. So I got back in my car and headed to the marsh. I then decided that I wanted to walk on the beach and found a spot. I went out and found were the Owl had had breakfast. I could see feathers, beck marks, and little foot prints in the sand.  I knew then that I had missed the Owl and I was sure that it would be sleeping off breakfast, but where.

    I decided to enjoy being at the beach and not worry about it.  I watched waves come in and took pictures. Then I went down the beach and found some surfers. I watched them for a while. Before leaving and going home I moved up the beach to a spot that I had seen lots of pictures. There I ran into some photographers and they told me where the Snowy Owl was.  I went back down to the Hampton Beach and wondered around.

    Then I saw it. The Snowy was napping on a sand dune very happily.  I stood there taking pictures with many other photographers for about two hours. The whole time this bird was very happy to sit and watch everyone come and go. Dogs would get right up to it. People would walk by then see it and take pictures with their cell phones.  This Snowy Owl was not bothered at all.

    At one point my hat strings brushed my coat and the Snowy opened it's eyes big and watched me. I was kinda worried that she was going to come right at me. She decided that I wasn't food and went back to sleeping. A lady came and she was smoking. The Snowy was unsettled by the smoke and flew a way. 

    I enjoyed spending time on the beach in the winter. It was a great experience. I'm very glad I got to see this Snowy Owl and that she was content with her surroundings.

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