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~ What you do in life echoes in eternity ~

~ The Spirit has an echo beyond time ~

Get to know your local photographer

Vermont Native - was created by Vermonter, Lisa Manning.

A self-taught and newly learning photographer who is motivated, determined, and adventurous by nature.  When you combine these with a deep love for wilderness, nature, and life, you get an extremely passionate photographer who wants to share this with others. Lisa is willing to go to any measure to get that "just right" shot. Lisa loves photographing landscapes of the mountains in the state that she grew up in and the challenge of capturing the light on them.



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You can usually find Lisa out exploring the northeast by hiking, camping, kayaking, traveling back roads, and adventuring outside.  Or just simply enjoying and soaking up nature. Lisa is truly in awe and humbled by nature and its wonders. She sometimes forgets to snap pictures because she gets so caught up in observing wildlife.


When Lisa started Vermont Native in 2017, it was just a dream and much needed lifestyle change. Lisa traveled to Alaska in 2017, very shortly after purchasing her first digital camera. She had very good luck capturing many memorable and remarkable landscape photos while touring around, which only fuels her now for more travel and adventures. A dream of adventuring and having time to capture all the little wonders of wildlife and nature.

She has since learned, even though she has seen many amazing moments, it is extremely difficult and time consuming, along with expensive to capture wildlife.  Lisa was not deterred by this; it has only made her even more determined and willing to sacrifice to see this through. She has learned to take the time, to be patient, and learn one step at a time.  So, with a 3, 5, and 10 year plan made, Lisa (for now) mostly features Vermont landscapes with "lucky" wildlife photos added in the mix.  Lisa hopes to improve this in the next few years but is content (at the moment) with getting any lucky shots she can and taking the time to learn.  


Lisa also quickly learned that to pay for the equipment and supplies, she needed to make some kind of income or go broke with her new hobby. So, she took the pictures she had already taken and designed a web site and online gallery in 2018. Lisa started hitting the craft shows late in 2018. She was surprised and pleased with people’s reactions to her photos.

Lisa then decided to try the art show circuit in 2019 and did 34 shows that first year. There were many hard mistakes made and very long tiring days, but Lisa embraced every lesson. Keeping a sense of humor, she found herself laughing at her mistakes but learning from them. The one thing that surprised her was the support and advise she found at the shows. It was an unexpected treasure and much appreciated.

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Lisa also started to make her own barn wood frames in 2019 for her photos. She took some recycled window sashes and added her photos to them to make interesting wall art. Lisa adventured into producing gift products to add to her table. The items flew out of her booth and with excitement, Lisa hopes to grow her business with more framing and different inventive ways to help show off the beauty of the photos.

Photography has brought Lisa on many adventures, good and bad, but she doesn’t regret one.

(Like sleeping in her car on long overnight photo road trips, or a 3 day primitive kayak camping trip that a bear come into her campsite and ate her food as she hid in the tent, or badly spraining her knee on a kayak camping trip)  Every lesson has been a milestone. It has taught her to be more patient and enjoy small moments as they happen. "Experience and live life to the fullest" has always been the words Lisa lives by and it reflects in the images she captures.

What we do in life, echoes in eternity~Marcus Aurelius

the spirit has an echo beyond time

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